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Hi there!
My name is Lina, but on the Internet I mostly go by the name of Trapping (you can call me either one). This is my journal where I post most of the content I make for TS2, my legacies, pictures etc.
I've played The Sims since spring 2008 and started creating for the game in summer the same year. Over the years I've been active at a whole bunch of sites and forums of which most I'm still a regular visitor. This journal was started in the winter of 2009 and has thereafter been more or less active for almost two years now.

Below the cut you will find a complete list of all downloads that can be found here at my LJ along with links to downloads that I've put up at other sites and forums. You will also find my policy and links to all my legacy-updates. One warning, though: the post below this cut is image heavy!

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If you havn't noticed yet, this month´s theme over at GoS is Default. I just wanted to say that I've made eight deafults which I've put up here:
And don't tell me you've missed the Secret Santa show-off-thread at GoS? If you have: YOU NEED TO SEE THESE STUFF:
Merry Christmas
- Trapping

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I really have to do something about this layout, don't I? And looking back at what I've already posted on this site (and over at GoS as well) I feel rather embarassed - the quality.. what quality? It's non-existant.
From now on I swear I'll (try to) only post things which I'm pleased or atleast rather pleased with. Ok? Yes? Good.

I got a personal message from Savant over at GoS a couple of hours ago where she asked me if I could upload the sim in my avatar. This made me so excited that I immediately read a tutorial on how to extract sims from in-game and then went on an almost two and a half hour long search for the stuff which I'd used to make this sim.. Well, I didn't find everything (don't blame me - I have more than 36.000 files in my downloads-folder which makes it impossible for me to search through all those files..) so I cloned some stuff in bodyshop. That's why some of the file-names says "cloned".. Well, (lucky for you) you don't have to bother about it.


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For those few who cares: I've made a ton off stuff during the past few weeks which I hope I'll be able to take pictures of and put up here and over at the montly theme-thread at GoS sometime during this week. I also have to finish my SS-gift.. I hope you're having a wonderful christmas and isn't as stressed up as I am :3
- Trapping
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And here is another hair. No further information out here - to find pictures and downloads, look under the pretty, little cut.

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I´ve pookleted a Coolsims-hair - number 54 to be correct. I know it´s already been done but when I made these bo pookleted versions had been shared. First you have a preview pic and then you have a cut:

Explanation: A lame excuse for a reason to (for once) use one of my downloaded pose-boxes.

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I´ve made two sets of walls for the game.

Wall - Set 1:

Facts: 72 colours O_o
Credits: Textures are from and Colours by Pooklet.

Wall - Set 8 (I name them after in which order I make them, so don´t blame me for jumping between walls when uploading >.<)

Facts: Did you think that 72 Colours was a lot? This set contains 125 colours *dies of awesomeness*
Credits: Textures are from Deviantart and Colours by Pooklet and various photoshop-actions from Deviantart.

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Hello. During the last couple of weeks I´ve been creating a lot of stuff for The Sim 2. I´m planning on sharing all the stuff I create for the game here (at my dreamwidth-account) and put my upcoming legacies over at my livejournal-account (
I havn´t made a lot of content for TS2 before, so I´m kind of a beginner. Be gentle X)


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